Carni Closet welcomes donations including, but not limited to:Fabric, dresses, pants, wigs, jackets, shoes, fake food, Velcro, fetish gear, stage props, boas, metal objects, art supplies, string, rubber bands, scissors, crayons, paints, brushes, glue, wood, wire, cardboard, shiny things, hats, masks, plaster, paper, jackets, fake jewelry, leather, wings, glasses, papier-mâché, half-finished art projects, half-baked ideas, deconstructed outfits, t-shirts, handcuffs, wig heads, crowns, pencils, beads, and just about anything you can dream up for the street or stage.

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Carni Closet is dedicated in loving memory to Tomek Mankiewicz, KEMOT (1978 – 2009)