How It Works

How it works.You can donate costumes and resources to or borrow costumes and resources from Carni Closet when you need them. Please consider other artists when you decide how long you might need costumes and materials. Costumes can be borrowed for a long term basis or traded for a donation. Negotiations are made on an individual basis. Carni Closet is a place that you can keep your costumes long term. They’ll always be yours if you want them back, but while they’re at the library they’ll be in our family of artists and will remain in our family.

If a costume is damaged or lost during its use, please consider how you can repair it yourself. If need be, please pay or trade work to have someone else repair it. If you lose a costume, please offer a suitable trade in replacement in a timely fashion. If a costume gets dirty or stinky, please clean it so it’s ready for the next artist. If you are borrowing art supplies and cannot replace them, please consider offering a trade.

Carni Closet is NOT a costume rental, nor is it based around monetary exchange. If you feel that you can best donate to Carni Closet monetarily, cash donations will go towards monthly rent and utilities.

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Carni Closet is dedicated in loving memory to Tomek Mankiewicz, KEMOT (1978 – 2009)